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MVVM in Xamarin.Forms with ReactiveUI

By Ahmad Mozaffar

MVVM in Xamarin.Forms with ReactiveUI

Feb 01, 2020
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ReactiveUI & Xamarin.Forms

It's has been 7 years when I started writing and designing UIs with XAML and architecting the client-side part of the solution with MVVM pattern, until the moment especially in the hype of Single Page Applications (Blazor, ReactJS, Angular) and other technologies, I still feel fresh, happy and enjoying writing code in apps like UWP, WPF and Xamarin.Forms when you have that powerful XAML to build that amazing UI and the MVVM pattern to implement the logic and the flow of your app from the data to the UI and vice versa.

Welcome to ReactiveUI

ReactiveUI is my best MVVM framework available out there, I have used it in multi projects in Xamarin & WPF, it's so great, a lot features that speed up your development, and enjoying the power of reactive programming with observables and such an amazing stuff. This why I decided to make a full course from A to Z about this amazing framework and help you get started with it and implement that MVVM pattern in your cross-platform mobile solutions with Xamarin.Forms and the same concepts could be applied for WPF, UWP and other XAML based projects In this course I cover the following topics:


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