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Ahmad Mozaffar

Full Stack .NET Developer, Trainer and Technical Author

+4 Years in real world experience empowering businesses, individuals and students to achieve more and become more productive in their career and reach beyond the targets as an enjoyable goal, all of that is powered by the love of Microsoft and its technologies

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My Life Style


The dream of being at Microsoft started very early and it was the fuel of pushing in learning, it's a life principle because Microsoft is not a business it's a community, it's a mission in life and joyful journey

Second Job

my entertainment is teaching people and students how to develop solutions with .NET & Azure either via classrooms, online meetings or via AK Academy YouTube channel, it's my hoppy

04:00 AM

The biggest turning point in life when I discovered the benifits of being able to start my day at 04:00 AM everyday, it's the main principle to begin a successful life and the entry point of self-control

F1 Addict

This sport reflects my daily life style, either in my career or outside the work hours, the time unit is the millisecond and team working is the key, consistency is everything. Technology and Speed cocktail

Azure Cloud Solutions Developer

So passionate about developing serverless solutions with Azure Services like Cosmos DB, App Service, VMs, Cognitive Services, Storage, CDN, Containers and More

Full Stack .NET Developer

My toys since 10 years old was Visual Studio, Visual Basic, C# and other .NET frameworks, those were the things that I was playing with for over 15 hours a day just making things

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