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Ahmad Mozaffar

Full Stack .NET Developer, Trainer and Technical Author

  • Jan 01, 1999
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Porto, Portugal PT


I born in a small town in the Damascus Countryside called Sirghaya that is well known for producing great amounts of Apple, Bears, and Cherrys it was a great place for creativity and learning hardworking because everyone out there is just working for long hours a day to achieve the maximum productive possible, the bad thing about that is there was no internet connection until about 2012 - 2013, but in 2009 when I was 10 years old I brought a lot of books about programming and Visual  Basic, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript just to know what was that, and that's was the starting point.

After only 2 years of studying, I fall in love with this amazing stuff, in 2013 I got the modern VS edition which is 2012, it was amazing and super great, with all of that I became a big fan for Microsoft, and because the vast passionate I found with that sometimes I didn't go to school to make things with WPF and WinForms, in the holidays I was spending about 18 hours in front of my PC and in the school days, I was spending at least 7 hours a day.

Living in Syria and because of the war it was difficult to get resources like books, paid online courses, and such categories but I continued. 
I have built too many apps in my childhood, by the age of 16, I got the amount of knowledge I wanted to develop business solutions and this is what I was started to do so, I was studying well at school to get into Damascus university in the information technology major, but fortunately, that didn't happen, because in 2017  after I finished my high school directly I got my first job as a software engineer in a local company in Damascus, I did some great stuff within two months, after that I got a job offer to work as a freelance for a big factory ERP project, I directly accepted the offer and forgot about my university because I though in each semester students study about 20 hours of programming and about other 4 subjects, I found that this amount of hours I could achieve that only in 4 days, so by the time they finish 5 years of IT in the university I would be able to finish at least 10x times more than they would achieve, a lot of time would go with homework, quizzes and useless stuff. so the decision was to complete my career on my own. in addition to that I started to teach my friends how to develop apps with .NET (C#, Xamarin, WPF, UWP and ASP.NET) I was so good with that because that was my passion after while it became my second job, I had a good number of paid students 

in March 2018, I got my first certificate from Microsoft after 1 year of fighting to be able to register for the exam because in Syria there was no exam centers I had to travel somewhere else to be able to do so.

In September 2018 I launched the first online store in Syria called ButterflyStore that I built with 3 of my friends but unfortunately the business dead after just 4 months because of the lack of funding and inability to pay employees' salaries.

The best solution then is to travel so I started to apply for hundred of jobs everywhere in the world, alongside working on my own projects and other business solutions as a freelancer, in August 2019 I got my first job in Beirut Lebanon called Logisoft, and they made a work visa for me.

From that time I'm working here on a very complicated solution to manage ocean freight enterprises, outside the work hours I still teach people, managing my YouTube channel that got a big number of fans in a very short time, and also building solutions on my own with the lovely Azure technologies, .NET Core, and more 

2nd Vision: Education

I taught myself by myself, It was the most amazing thing that I have did throughout my life, what academical students can achieve in 4 years, with the self-education you can achieve at least 10x more in a short period and that's because in the universities and academical education the students waste too much time in papers, exams, transportation, and studying some useless materials, while self-education gives you the opportunity to discover things and concentrate only on what matters.

1st Vision: Optimal Small Business Cloud Solution

My short term goal is to develop a full cloud solution that targets small businesses (very small one), we always see apps like Dynamics and other great solutions but most of the time they are too big and too expensive when it comes to small businesses, what I'm working on right now is a full suite of apps that are connected together and served as monthly subscription but very cheap so every business owner even the business that has 2 people, it is going to be affordable, and push them with the power of Azure and Azure AI services to unleash their potentials and increase their productivity to the limits.

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