By Ahmad Mozaffar


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The first online store in Syria

ButterflyStore was the first online store in Syria, I came up with the idea while surfing some eCommerce websites, so I decided with group of my friends to make an online store and start the work directly, I was the developer who loved to make things and others who know great relations in the markets and traders. 

We directly defined the business model, drew the ERD and opened up Visual Studio, created a new ASP.NET MVC project and started.

This app was developed totally from scratch without using any plugins or eCommerce WordPress websites or even templates. 

Because Arabic is the main language in Syria and majority not familiar with this concept the design should have been very simple, so one of my friends designed the website with HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and I completed the work but creating the Content Management System with the Web App.

I used for the whole application C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework with SQL Server and Ajax to make it works perfectly. 

Unfourtuentley, we stopped the business after only 3 months because of the situation in the country and there was no funding from business men out there to make this store kept going.

The website supports a authentication using ASP.NET Identity with MTN SMS bulk messages to support the verification of the phone number of the customers, responsive design, Gift cards, promo codes, discounts system and more. 

The website was retired with almost all the data but a sample still exists out there without pictures to have a look at it


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