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By Ahmad Mozaffar

Al-Eman Business Management

C# ASP.NET MVC JQuery Ajax Entity Framework SQL Server Crystal Report WPF XAML
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AL-Eman Business Cloud Management System 

Al-Eman Cargo is a Syria cargo company based in Damascus SY and Saudi Arabia, specialized in shipping Syrian exporters to the gulf countries by Land, and Air, the company established in 1969.

Starting early in the 2000s AL-Eman started their journey with digital transformation by getting a Visual Basic system based on Microsoft Access Database, they were using the system for over 18 years, in 2019 They called me to implement a new system that based on the Cloud and could be reached by all the employees in Damascus, or in Saudi Arabia.

After defining the business model and taking a closer look at the business, I started the implementation of the solution, it's about a Web app built with ASP.NET MVC, jQuery - Ajax for front-end and SQL Server as the data source and Entity Framework for the data provider, also it has a WPF client app to simplify the process of data entry because they bring all the packages within the week and then they call a vehicle with a driver and start entering the details of the packages into the system, so I decided to make a Windows-native client that gives them the flexibility which they got used for in MS Access.

The system contains the following modules:

  1. Voyages management
  2. Bills and Invoicing
  3. Drivers management
  4. Vehicles management
  5. Employees management
  6. Reports and Graphs
  7. WPF application for packages entry 
  8. Customs management and Reports 
  9. Locations and Stocks management.

The system delivered to the owner after 3 months from the first meeting with the AL-Eman CEO


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