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By Ahmad Mozaffar

dotNET Labs Live Course (Building the API) part 1

Dec 05, 2020
12/5/2020 3:00:00 PM UTC to 12/5/2020 6:00:00 PM UTC
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.NET 5 was a huge milestone in the world of software development especially with all the amazing enhancement with the performance & Blazor WebAssembly features .

dotNET labs is a small project that covers many topics to help you analyze, build and deploy a successfully business solutions with .NET ecosystem by developing a full web app using purley .NET 

Project Idea:

Online app that allows the students to register and attend course videos embedded from YouTube with the ability to comment and interact with the videos, and allows the admin to add and manage the content of that platform.

Topics Covered:

Many topics in building API and the client will be covered and they are as following 

   - Authentication & Authorization using JWT bearer token (Server & Client Side)
   - Dealing with SQL Server database & Entity Framework Core 5.0 
   - Implementing the Repository & Unit of Work pattern
   - Develop a full Single Page App as a client with Blazor WebAssembly 
   - Handling the exceptions 
   - Components communication & hierarchy
   - Time globalization 
   - Calling secure API with from Blazor WASM app 
 And many stuff to mentioned in the context


Dec 05th, 2020 03:00 GMT: Building the API [Part 1]
Dec 09th, 2020 03:00 GMT: Building the API [Part 2]

Dec 12th, 2020 03:00 GMT: Building the Client [Part 1]
Dec 16th, 2020 03:00 GMT: Building the Client [Part 2]

The course will be free and live so you can ask any question and also the videos will be available to watch on demand.

Don't forget to register and stay tuned once we go live 

Thank you 

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