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TicketsBasket | Full Cloud Project Practical Course with Azure and .NET Core

By Ahmad Mozaffar

TicketsBasket | Full Cloud Project Practical Course with Azure and .NET Core

Aug 26, 2020
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Welcome to the biggest Cloud Full Course

Either you are a new developer or an experienced one with multiple years in the industry, 100% you are noticing the demand and the transformation towards the Cloud which is basically the response to the high availability and the high speed internet connection became available everywhere in the world, this leads to a very big challenge that right now your apps are reachable more than any other time in the paste, it is very easy to everyone to reach your app wherever he is, so the traditional way of hosting the apps and serving them to the public is not efficient enough to meet the modern requirements of high availability, scalability, security and performance of the solutions, as well as the complicated business requirements that made the current software solutions very big and complex, for that points the need of the cloud born, a new infrastructure that helps you accelerate your solution very quickly and scale it to satisfy billions of requests with just little configuration changes, and developing the solutions by leveraging this infrastructure via APIs that run on the Cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure or AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Course Introduction

Learn Microsoft Azure & Blazor practically

Blazor is a very modern .NET Core Framework that allows the .NET Core code to run in the browser and create a native SPA (Single Page Applications) with the .NET Ecosystem. And Azure is the cloud of Microsoft that of course you are seeing it as a requirement for every new .NET develop position you are applying for right now. In this course you will learn both in modern practical way alongside building a full business application that will help you achieve more and make wonderful things with Azure & .NET Core.

What is TicketsBasket

TicketsBasket is the name of the project that we are building within the course, I prefer to give such a projects a name and branding instead of calling them demos, because in this way it looks like more realistic in addition to teaching the learners how to deal with the branding section in the solution. The idea of the TicketsBasket project, is a software solution that combines the Events Organizers and the public in the same place, so the organizers can create and manage events (Conferences, Exhibitions, Sport Events .... etc.) and the public can view these events, shortlist, like them and of course book a tickets to attend them.

What you will learn

Through out the project we will build the app using C#, ASP.NET Core API, Blazor WebAssembly and Microsoft Azure. So you will learn how to combine all the .NET technologies to deliver a full product from A to Z following the best practices and the using the most cutting edge technologies in the industry.

Azure Services to be used

The previous picture shows the Azure services that will be used:

  • App Service: To host and run the application on the Cloud
  • Azure Functions: Modern service that allows us to develop single function that runs on the cloud and could be trigged by a specific triggers (Will use it to resize the images and create thumps from them and also to send emails to the users regularly)
  • SQL: We will use Azure SQL as the data store for the TicketsBasket
  • Azure Redis for Cache: Azure service to cache data in the Redis in memory database (Will use it to store temporarily the connection Ids of the Signal R clients for real-time functionality)
  • Azure Active Directory B2C: Active Directory B2C is a full managed Identity Service provides you with all the security requirements and services for authenticate and authorize users with very advanced features to manage the users and less time to implement an authentication system
  • Azure Storage: Storage as a Service we will use the Azure Blob Storage to store the pictures of the events and the CV attachments sent by the users.
  • Azure Signal R: Signal R managed service to implement the real-time functionality in our solution.

For the API it will be built with ASP.NET Core API and the front-end we will use the awesome Blazor WebAssembly.

Technical requirement:

To get started with this course you need the following tools If you are on Windows, I highly prefer Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition if you are on Mac you can install it from here Visual Studio 2019 for Mac OSX You can follow up with Visual Studio Code either on Windows, Mac OSX or Linux.

You need the .NET Core 3.1 SDK From Here

Free Azure Account, you can register From Here, if you are a student you can also get a free Azure account By Verifying your student status from here.

Azure Storage Explorer: From this link

Azure Key-Vault Explorer: From this link

Azure Storage Emulator (Windows only): From this link

Attend the course for free on YouTube

Course Link on AK Academy YouTube channel -> Full Cloud Project TicketsBasket - Azure - ASP.NET Core and Blazor WebAssembly from A to Z

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