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In the hype of the space revolution! What does it mean for me and you?

By Ahmad Mozaffar

In the hype of the space revolution! What does it mean for me and you?

Jan 26, 2021
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In the hype of the space revolution, What does it mean for me and you?

As a human, we are always curious for the unknown whatever it is, for everything we do not know we keep try and discover until we find answers to the question marks that go in our great brains, and that was basically the fuel to gather, discover and establish the awesome science that we have right now, and of the greatest unknown things in the past was simply the sky, anyone in the world even in 2021, whenever we take a deep look into the sky at night we tell our minds wow! how far are those creatures and stars which beautify our sky, how they look like in real, what will we find if we reach out to them??? and many other questions. Personally, as the writer of this article, I am someone who is eager to learn and discover everything related to Software Engineering, Maths, Physics and how if we put those together in a smart way that will lead to making unbelievable achievements that simply could turn our life and make the future brighter than the present, you can see that very clear in the rockets, computers, cars ... etc.

Recently from the last few years, whenever you check out your news feed on social media platforms like (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) you can just see and notice what SpaceX is doing in term of Space Travelling, the people all over the world with at least to see a launch or landing for one of the company's rockets such as Falcon 9, because simply it is insane, and specifically in the last few years we started to see too many launches and rockets go and come back from the sky, of course as I have said above the first thing will come to our minds, well! that's nice but how will this reflect our daily life either now or in the near future? And my personal answer to the question is in the rest of this article! and here are the key points that I am going to cover in the rest of the article:

  • The very near future
  • The economic impact
  • The educational impact
  • The entertainment impact
  • Conclusion

Happy reading

Space Travelling Brief History

In 1957 the Soviet Union was the first to put an artificial object in space called Sputnik 1 and basically, it was the first Satellite to be launched and set in outer space, and that was just the very beginning of the story. In 1958 the United States of America was able to put their first Satellite into the earth orbit with Exploration 1 mission.

Just one year after that the United States of America established NASA as the first Space Agency in the nation with a comprehensive exploration program and the race had just started.

1961 was the year when Russia made the historic first manned flight Vostok 1 with the astronaut Lt. Yuri Gagarin lasts 108 minutes in the earth's orbit with a 327 KM altitude.

1962 USA was also able to follow Russia by sending the first astronaut to orbit the earth. Just a few years later after Mr. President John F Kennedy set the goal to go to the moon by the end of that decade, the US launched its Apollo program and it was able to land the first man on the moon in 1969 then return the crew back to the earth safely. In that period the achievements was more than incredible and was able to proof the capabilities of the humans but unfortunately because that goal was political the funding for NASA programs decreased of the Apollo program and Apollo 17 was the last crewed mission to talk humans to the moon and back, on the other hand the human curiosity didn't stop there NASA continued with other countries and the International Space Station was built and many great achievements happened, until 2002 when Elon Musk created SpaceX with a very valuable mission to make the Space Travelling very cheap and accessible for everyone, and just 10 years after that the dream became to see the light and translated into real achievements that we can notice it very well on YouTube and other social media platforms that we can the awesome rockets go to the Space and it lands back on earth in a magical manner and I think you and I and everyone watched the first SpaceX crewed mission in May 2020 either through the Screen or if he/she got the chance to observe the launch on site, we all felt the Adrenaline rush in our bodies and we saw how things is getting easy so what's next?

The Near Future

Startship SN8 (Test Flight) In the time I'm writing this article I just observe the SpaceX website and other YouTube channels because the whole world is waiting for Starship SN9 (Serial Number 9) for the test flight, and basically from the previous test flight for the SN8 You can watch it here we all released the scientific achievements and advancements through the human history have been collected in the vehicle that will basically make the Space Travelling available for everyone, in addition, to allow us to create the first human place outside the earth. Well things are moving very fast, however, if we look back at the early days of Microsoft, Apple, and computers in general must of the people in the 1970s do not even know what is the computer and it is accessible by only a few people, then we started to see gradually how that invention started to boom step by step until this moment you simply see that each individual sometimes has 1 or 2 computers, 1 or 2 mobile phones and tablet device, we could see that anyone on earth can write and make programs for this machine and any startup could now start building smartphones or computers with fantastic capabilities, and it really went much beyond what it was created for. The same if we look at how humans construction industry went throughout history, at the beginning you know that the humans were living in caves to tents to houses from soil and water and many other examples, but if you look at the modern era you can see the skyscrapers that hit more than 500m altitudes in the sky and constructed from very scratch by any startup or even individual owners and in less than 2 years. If you compare the two examples above with the progress and pace that the space industry has in this decade, personally I can see that within just a few years we will companies and factories to make rockets just like cars and totally private in addition to many spaceports all over the world, cheap rockets and tickets all over the place, wealthy people will start to show off by owning a luxury rocket instead of a private plane or a luxury yacht, we will see as well the books of rocket science in every school and in the bag of each student just like the Math or Physics books, in simple words rockets are just like cars and planes nowadays So how this will affect our daily life?

The Economical Impact

Well, the first sector to touch the effects of the booming of the space industry is simply the economies of the countries, and simply this will lead to a better life and this is how!. The growth of the space industry requires the first and the most important aspect for all the countries and societies around the globe which is the human resources (Engineers, Workers, Researchers, Scientists, Doctors, Dietitian, Farmers, Photographers, ...) because building a new life requires all type of people and this means a massive growth in the job opportunities across all the domains and all the countries.

The second important point, when we have mass production lines of rockets and space equipment this means opening a totally new economical market across the world, importing and exporting vehicles and their replacements will just be the same for the current cars market that brings back billions of dollars for all the countries and all the jobs that related to this domain.

What about tourists' impact? all the people are so excited to be able to go to a spaceport somewhere buy a ticket at a cheap price and orbit the earth, moon, or maybe more who knows? And the same for the IIS right now, it could it be that something similar like hotels so tourists could go and spend few days out there :-) it seems unrealistic but think about it just like the computers or ask your grandfather about the cars in 1920 you will discover that this is very possible and very soon as well.

The third point is that we all know that earth is soo small comparing it to other planets out there, but we will know as well that for billion of years on this earth and still can find a huge amount of resources hidden here and there, and the current resources exist on this small planet is still able to provide us with all what we need to sustain as humans now and for the future, so what about other planets, maybe when we reach out there and starting exploring and digging in the ground we will find known resources for us or maybe totally new things we do not even know about that could help improve our life for better.

In the long term, having a multi-planetary civilization requires an enormous, smart, and massive transportation and logistic system, like what we have on earth (Huge planes, trains, and vessels) we need maybe a new type of rockets that is totally different for what we know right to know to be able to send the people and the resources across the planets efficiently, this could lead to a new also big growth of job opportunities and scientific fields and domains to serve this need.

The Educational Impact

From a scientific perspective getting a rocket out of the earth means a war against gravity and the weapons for this war to be able to win it is simple Math, Software, Physics, Chemistry ...etc. Watching the huge demands for workers in this domain everywhere in the upcoming few years will lead to a totally educational system that is able to feed the brains with the required knowledge base and skills to qualify people building such vehicles managing it, as well as building qualified researchers that could leverage the resources and studying what's is existing out there wisely, in addition, to build qualifications to build the infrastructure that will suit totally different environments so 90% maybe 99% there is going to be new sciences not like the one on earth because the earth is very unique when it comes to its atmosphere and related sciences.

The new life will lead to new challenges, diseases, problems that maybe we cannot predict right now and that is very normal for anything in life there is also a dark side, you can notice this from the technology, for example, it turned our life for the very best but at the same time it have some bad effects on our daily habits and time management ...etc, those side effects in a totally new place will require totally new advanced researches and sometimes doing things from the very scratch that here on earth we reached a high level in it, so this means new institutions, sciences, and efforts to manage the cases. In a nutshell, living in the space revolution will require a mind stretch education system ;-)

The Entertainment Impact

Well in addition to our curiosity as humans, we like having fun as well especially competitions and very advanced stuff, maybe this will happen in the long term, but I think it is going to be a reality one day not far from now. After we had cars that could take us from one place to another now the same cars that use for transportation and logistic, we use it for many entertainment activities like racing for example (who do not like Formula 1 racing or Rally for example). After having multiple cheap powerful rockets manufactures, I think there are going to be fantastic ideas for an entertainment side like racing or other competitions in business, maybe advanced video games and movies other than what we have right now and suitable for the level that we will reach to it. As well as I have mentioned in the economical impact section, the tourists part (I think this one will happen soon) by being able to orbit the earth in a reasonable about of $$, that would be so funny and inspirational as well.


Throughout history we did many great achievements sometimes there are some bad ones but in general, if take a quick look around us or just think about the screen that you are reading this article from, you can realize the huge steps in science and inventions, so all I have mentioned is possible maybe mush more than that who knows? The great thing is we are part of this awesome period in life that we can see SpaceX, Blue Origin, and some promising startup-like Isar Aerospace and great names and brands that are shaping our future, and being a part of this is just a big dream and honor for us.

Note: All the points I covered during this article is just reflecting my personal opinion based on what I see and read in addition to what happened in the past

Thanks for reading, share if you liked it with your collogues and friends


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