ButterflyStore established in september 2018, I was a co-founder in the project in partnership with Sami Allan Abdullah, Abdullah Al-Nabulsi, Mohammad Khoulani and Fouad Taha.

ButterflyStore is the first and the biggest online store in Syria, the idea, analyzing and implemention of the project have done from scratch.
the idea of the store depends on inserting products that are already existing in the market in different categories, so customers can see almost everything they can see in the local market but easily from the behind the screen. 

ButterflyStore was developed by me with help of my partners from scratch using Microsoft Technologies such as C# programming language, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server & Entityframework  for the web application and Universal Windows Platform for Windows 10 client of ButterflyStore. 

We have used modern technologies to help the process of receiving, delivering and managing the ordering job easily such as real-time notifications and many more. 

The business of the application is self developed. 

We transformed the idea from thinking and paper work into a full technical prodcut in less than 90 days.