AL Eman Cargo is well-known brand in Syria as a cargo business, they have many branches and customers located in the middle east such as Syria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates ...etc. 

AL Eman was depending on a Microsoft Access Database and VBA application that serves their needs locally, is old solution is super flexible but it's a great idea especially in a multi-brances
business which led to many problems such as generating a lot of back ups, sending an updates via mail to every manager or director in each branch as well as the senders and customers 
don't have the ability to check the status of their products and get reports about the shipping process.

AK Cloud Solution for AL Eman was a great solver to many problems and totally transofrms all the data and business process into the cloud which gave all the employees to work on a well-designed,
simple, flexible and modern user interface as a web application connected with a Windows client that facilities the process of packages data entry process.

What is the components of the app:

AL Eman a web application with a Windows client connected together with the same data source that gives the employees a unique experience as well as a smooth sync process.
Web application has been built using C# Programming language, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, Entity framework.
And the Windows client application has been built using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), C#, XAML & ASP.NET Web API. 

What does the solution exactly do?

Our ERP for AL Eman manages almost each single detail in their business:

  • Categories
  • Groups
  • Traders
  • Vehicles
  • Drivers
  • Customers
  • Senders
  • Journeys
  • Packages
  • Bills
  • Custom Bills
  • Full detailed reports
  • Statistics and Charts 
  • Transfers & Money Transactions 
  • Packages of the journeys

How did we migrate the old data of AL Eman into the new system? 

AL Eman started to use Microsoft Access almost 18 years ago, they have +5K customer in addition to +3K senders and about 200 journey per year, +700 categories classified under +350 group
We used AK Excel To SQL Extractor to migrate the data into our SQL Server database tables, which is a tool developed by us that provides the users with a flexibile user experience to migrate
Excel sheets into SQL tables just in few minutes, for more details about AK Excel To SQL Extractor, check out the following link: to sql extractor