Why Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps is the best choice for your business solutions

7/19/2019 1:06:18 AM

Moving your business to the cloud is best step that every business owner should take this time, the world of technology is moving so fast, and each business that does not integrate with this technology will drop out from the world of business, as a business owner, manager or what ever nowadays you have to be closer to your customer as much as you can, follow you business step by step, get statistics and reports about each single event happens in your company in the real time, weather you are at home, office or in other place.

Making a secure, inelegant and easy to access cloud solution now is that hard, but the problem there are thousands of IT companies and individual software developers to implement your solution, there are many operating systems available on the market in addition to the web platform that is available everywhere, anytime.
There are variety of programming languages, frameworks and other technologies to help you get your solution implemented, but the question is what is the best, what is the most suitable sort of application for your business, employees and customers?

What is the best client sort of application for your software business solution?

When making a deal with a one of the software companies or even an individual developer to start implementing a cloud solution for your business, many factors will play a role in this process:

And there are many other things to mention, but these were the most important factors that let you think and got confused about what is the best solution.

From my own point of view, I always support building solutions with Microsoft technologies such as Azure, .NET.
As an end user what happens at the back-end is not very important for you, especially if you do not have any idea about programming and software development, the most important think, is a secure, easy to access, and well-designed application, by dealing with companies or individual developers that are using Microsoft technologies,your software will be delivered quickest than building it with something else, because all the tools, frameworks and languages are from the same environment, and each piece of code can be shared with the back-end in addition to many sort of client applications, this will help to reduce the cost and the estimated time to get the job done.

Talking about the client part of the solution which is the most important part from the end-user perspective, Universal Windows Platform (known as UWP) applications is the best type of apps in my opinion and depending on my experience and this is for many reasons:

UWP apps UI

User-Interface is a very important aspect in the software, when a having a smooth, well-designed UI, do not let the user feel boring while using the app especally for a long period, and Microsoft announced the Fluent Design system for UWP applications, these apps become more interactive and nice to use, because it combines the physical materials within the software, such as adding lights, depth, motion, Acrylic and other features which made using Windows 10 apps more enjoyable and comfortable experience than any other sort of apps

Office Fluent Design

Mobility of UWP apps

Because of the huge range Windows 10 devices, using UWP apps is more interesting and provides more ways to deal with app and technology in general within your business.
For example using UWP client on Microsoft Surface Pro gives you the ability to work while you are in the office, or even while you are doing some stuff far from your desk.
Interacting with the app using the pen provides more compfortable way to use advanced techonoly for long time everyday, which increases the productivity as well.

Architecture of Windows apps

Building UWP apps with .NET helps the developers or software companies to create other clients more easily regarding to the huge amount of shared code, for example building another client for the application that runs on Android, and iOS will be very easy and can be implemented in short time, because the architecture of UWP apps, helps to share more than 70% of the code with these platforms.


I have built many solutions using .NET technologies to implement cloud software solutions for different business sizes, after this experience, I found Windows 10 clients are the best choice for the mentioned reasons, low cost, short estimated time, nice and compfortable user experience and user interface.


To get more information about UWP app: https://www.windowscentral.com/what-makes-uwp





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